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Jasmine Euro Top Mattress from Symbol

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Jasmine Euro Top Mattress

  • Designed in Cayman, meeting 5 Star Hotel Grade Requirements
  • Available in any international size, by special order (International Size orders are suspended due to COVID)
  • A high-end hybrid mattresses with pocket coils.
  • It is about 13¼" high.
  • Comfort added gel-infused memory foam and polyurethane foam.
  • Coil units are foam encased, not just on the sides and ends, but also on the top and bottom
  • Foam encasement provides edge support for the sleeping surface
  • Dampens motion transfer to cancel partner disturbance
  • Gel cools the memory foam in combination with the foam's open-cell structure
  • 10 year warranty

Each coil is wrapped individually then connected midway down the coil, allowing each coil to work independently from one another for more precise support as well as motion dispersion. Foam Encased Perimeter: The Foam Encased Perimeter provides high density support while encasing the coils to give you a firmer edge with less roll off. Gel Foam: This foam is infused with gel to give it cooling qualities with enhanced support.