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The Mattress Experts

We are Cayman's Largest Mattress and Bedding Store, featuring quality mattresses not found anywhere else on island, at unbeatable prices. Our brands include King Koil, Symbol, Malouf Home mattresses (Wellsville, Lucid, Neeva, and Weekender).

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King Koil, celebrating its 123rd anniversary in 2021, is a leading mattress maker in the US. King Koil is very popular in over 70 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Belize, Hong Kong, India, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, and South Africa. King Koil mattresses are built with support in mind and every mattress includes and additional lumbar support. Their mattresses are endorsed by the international Chiropractor Association as well as the Australian Asthma Association.




Symbol Mattress is a top 15 bedding producer, founded in Richmond, Virginia over 50 years ago. The Symbol Mattress business plan is to provide low cost, value driven products to the retail bedding trade. Symbol Mattress produces a broad line of mattresses and foundations with a broad spectrum of comfort and support features. In addition, Symbol has expanded its offerings to include sleep products for the rental property and hospitality industries.

Malouf Home constantly innovates fresh ways to bring comfort into your home because their main goal is simple: They want people to sleep better and they put people first. Nothing is better than getting into bed and feeling personalized comfort. Malouf creates options for every sleeper—which means you have a lot of choices. Malouf has expanded into bed frames, platform beds, and furniture items. The Malouf mattress brands are Wellsville, Lucid, Neeva and Weekender. Malouf also supplies are pillows, linens, bedding, protectors, toppers, and frames.